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Frequently Asked Questions 

What am I getting when I enlist the help of a Burro driver?

Burro drivers take the grunt work out of loading, hauling, and unloading just about any item a customer could need relocated from one place to another, as long as those items aren’t hazardous materials, gas, liquids, or outside Burro’s size policy. After requesting a driver through the easy to use app, the driver reviews the request and the closest driver to accept gets the job, the requester should then text or call the driver to discuss the item to be delivered, the driver shows up at the customer’s specified location, assists in loading up the item(s) that needs to be moved, drives that item(s) away, then assists in unloading that item(s) on the other end.

How can I calculate cost and pay for Burro services?

Prices for Burro services vary based on time, distance and service level. Please see our pricing page for the service levels in your area. Shorter transactions are common and generally much cheaper. All payments are made through the app itself. Users provide a payment method in his or her user profile. Once a job is complete, the user approves payment and the money is automatically withdrawn from the dedicated card or account.

How do I qualify to use Burro?

Anyone over the age of 18 with an iOS device is qualified to sign up for Burro’s services. If you are buying from a local store, check with the sales person to see if they offer Burro as a free delivery option, in lieu of their normal $125 delivery service.

What can or can’t be delivered or hauled through Burro?

Burro drivers do not move motorcycles, cars, hazardous materials, gases, liquids, or any illegal objects or substances. Objects larger than 9 feet long, 4 feet wide, AND 7 feet tall are considered outside of the driver’s moving capability.

What happens if I find one of my items was lost, stolen or damaged?

Any item that is lost, damaged, or stolen should be immediately reported to customer support to begin the claim process. Customer support can be reached through email at support@getburro.com. Stolen items should be reported to the police.

Do you deliver electronics such as TV's or Computers?

Burro drivers do not deliver electronics unless they are in a box. Further, Burro and Burro drivers are NOT responsible to any damages to electronics, as our drivers cannot prove that the items were in working condition before they touched.

Can I book a Burro driver for my friend who does not have an iOS device?

Absolutely! One feature in the Burro app is the ability to request a vehicle for a third party. When setting up Burro appointments for third parties, the app user enters contact information for a person at the pickup site as well as a person at the drop off site. Each party is notified of the truck’s arrival on their respective end of the pickup or delivery. This option is popular for app users who utilize Burro services for their places of employment.

Does Burro include packing services in its price?

One of the perks of using Burro is the assistance the driver provides in loading and unloading the vehicle. If a driver shows up and you’re still in the packing process, they will jump in and help. Each driver is trained on how to properly wrap furniture and they come equipped with a few wrapping blankets, bags, and a dolly. Burro recommends you have most of the packing completed and all necessary packing materials on hand before the driver arrives as their supply will be limited.

Can I ride with the Burro driver?

All items hauled away by Burro are covered under Burro insurance for the duration of the moving period, people are not. If a customer chooses to ride along with a Burro driver they are doing so at their own risk. Burro is not liable for any person(s) who choose to enter a Burro vehicle.

How will I recognize a Burro driver when they arrive?

For the security and convenience of Burro customers, once a job is assigned to a driver, the customer receives a driver profile. That profile includes the driver’s name, headshot, photo of their vehicle, and license plate number. Customers also have the option to either call or text with their driver once a driver has been assigned. Anyone who claims to be a Burro driver but does not match the driver profile should be turned away and customer support should be contacted immediately.

What if I don’t have original boxes for my electronics and appliances?

It is always best to repack items in their original packaging but Burro understands that isn’t always possible. You should make your best effort to find some kind of packing material for all of your items before the Burro driver arrives, but they will be able to provide a few plastic furniture bags and a few moving blankets to ease the process.

How can I apply to become a driver and make $30+ per hour?

Burro is always accepting driver applications. Applicants can use the form on the www.getburro.com homepage to apply. A Burro staff member will be in touch to continue the hiring process. Drivers must be at least 21 years old, able to lift 100 lbs, and pass a DMV and criminal background check. They must also agree to our TOS and contract. Drivers will need to have 2003 or newer full-sized pickup truck, without dents, rust, or paint issues. They must also have an Android phone.

How is a driver insured with Burro?

Safety for Burro drivers and the cargo they carry is a high priority for this company. Each driver must have up to date, full-coverage insurance policies on their own vehicles. In the event that an incident occurs and the driver’s personal insurance does not cover the cost, Burro’s drivers are bonded and insured upto $1M and we also have additional B/L insurance.

What does a day on the job consist of for a Burro driver?

Customers send requests to drivers who can view the details of the request and either accept or decline the job based on availability and ability to complete the task at hand. Once a job is accepted, the driver is responsible for showing up within minutes, assisting the customer in loading the item(s) into his or her vehicle, transporting the item(s) to the predetermined destination, and then assisting in the unloading of those items. Though it is not required, some customers will ask for assistance in packing once you are on site. Burro encourages drivers to remember they are serving the customer and are being compensated for their time; therefore they should be willing to jump in and help out. It is the responsibility of the driver to determine ahead of time whether they are capable of moving the items in question and respond accordingly. Some jobs will be short on time and distance, others will be quite the haul, but the more ground covered, the more the paycheck will be.

How are Burro drivers notified about potential deliveries?

Burro drivers are notified via an alert on the Burro app when a customer sends a request. If a driver is able to fill the request, he or she simply selects “YES.” Then the customer will give more details about the item(s) to be hauled. If the driver decides he or she cannot take the request, they simply decline the job and one of the other drivers will get the request.

How do customers communicate details about the delivery to the driver?

Once the pickup request has been submitted, the user is asked to describe the item(s) that need to be moved by the driver. This detailed description is necessary for the driver so that he or she may prepare appropriately for the requested delivery. Customers choose to either communicate through text message or personal phone call to go over the details of the job with the assigned driver. Once a job is accepted, the driver will only be able to cancel the job if the item prohibited by Burro (i.e. including but not limited to hazardous material, gases, liquids, oil, motorcycles/ATV's or outside the size range of 7'Lx4'Wx7'H and weight range of 250lbs.)

As a driver, can I transport a customer along with his or her property?

Burro strongly discourages drivers transporting people when completing a job. The $1,000 insurance buffer provided by Burro is void once a customer enters the mover’s vehicle. Transporting a customer is grounds for driver dismissal.

As a driver, can I choose my hours?

Yes. Any time a driver is actively signed into the app, the driver will receive push notifications when customers submit requests. To stop the push notifications, simply sign out of the app or push the “mute calls” button. Sign back in again when you’re ready to view more jobs. Drivers can always use their own discretion to accept or decline jobs. Drivers are their own entrepreneur and have the power to set their own hours.

Does Burro provide any moving supplies to me as a driver?

No. Drivers are solely responsible for being equipped for the jobs they choose to accept. It is recommended to keep gloves, rope, bungee cords, tarps and a tool box in your vehicle for convenience.

What if I get into an accident?

Drivers first and foremost should turn to his or her personal insurance for a claim if an accident occurs. Burro provides upto an additional $1,000 in coverage for expenses that surpass personal insurance coverage based on the items weight. Contact support@getburro.com with questions about insurance claims. Be prepared to provide proof of your existing insurance claim before seeking compensation through Burro’s insurance policy.

How do driver ratings affect me?

After each job is completed, the customer has the opportunity to rate the Burro driver they were assigned to. Drivers must maintain a 4.2 star average rating or above to continue accepting Burro jobs. Ratings below 4.2 stars are justification for dismissal.

Can I really make $45 per hour as a Burro driver?

Roughly 65 to 75 percent of the total price of a moving job goes straight to the driver’s pocket. The amount of money a driver makes is contingent upon the jobs that driver accepts or declines. Cost is based on an equation that factors both time and distance into the total. The longer a driver spends on the job and the further a driver hauls the cargo, the more that driver will get paid.

I have a promo code, how do I redeem it?

When you open the app, go to “Settings” and choose “promo code” and fill in the empty field with your code. The discount will be applied to your next purchase.

Can I request a Burro Delivery but forgo the driver?

No, though Burro insures drivers while they are on the job, Burro does not own the drivers’ vehicles. Each vehicle is the driver’s personal property and therefore cannot be rented out through the Burro app.

What is the minimum cost to use Burro’s services?

The minimum moving cost can be found on our pricing page.

How can I contact a real person at Burro with a question or concern?

Every email sent to support@getburro.com is taken seriously and responded to individually by Burro staff. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get a hold of someone other than your assigned driver. Remember, once you have been assigned a driver you will be able to contact that person directly via text or phone call in order to iron out details of your move or delivery.

How do I reconcile a billing issue?

All billing inquiries can be directed to support@getburro.com.

Can I partner with Burro?

Yes! Burro welcomes strategic partnerships. To learn more, contact the team at support@getburro.com. Be sure to ask us about how Burro can be integrated into your e-commerce checkout process.

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